Australia and Lemnos are forever linked by the events of World War I. On 4 March 1915 approx3,200 Australian soldiers landed on Lemnos, the first body of ANZACs to set foot on Greek soil. By 21 April over 200 ships, the largest armada in the history of the world at that time had gathered in Mudros Bay, Lemnos. The armada left Lemnos on the evening of 24 April and arrived at dawn for the famous Gallipoli landings on 25 April 1915. 

During the 9 months of the Gallipoli campaign over 50,000 Anzacs passed through Lemnos, along with many thousands of Allied forces. Lemnos hosted hospitals and convalescent camps, housed the depots that supported the campaign, and shared the suffering of thousands of ill and wounded soldiers and sailors. 

It was from Lemnos that the first Australian submarine to serve in war – HMAS AE2 - sailed into history as the first Allied vessel to penetrate the defences along the Dardanelles. 

For most Australian soldiers in Lemnos during this period, Lemnos had been a place of transit; for many, a refuge from the front line; treatment for medical care or brief recuperation; for 148 a place of burial. www.facebook.com/Lemnos1915